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In Production:

Go Digital or Go Dark:

A feature-length documentary, Go Digital or Go Dark explores the impact Hollywood's decision to digitize has had on the drive in theatre and small mom & pop or community movie houses. Drive in theatres, once a going concern in the United States and Canada were all but extinct at one point. Nostalgia, clever marketing to family themed entertainment and other factors helped them make a small come back. Now drive in's like Kingston's Family Fun World are scrambling to find the money and means to go digital... the alternative is to go dark.

Scheduled for 2014 completion.

image coming soon

Music is My Life (working title):

WJP Media presents a Nathan Amey film. This documentary traces small town musician Nathan Amey as he balances work or his "day job" with his passion to create music on the independent scene and produce CDs with two different bands. Along the way he explores the music life and culture of rural Ontario.


In Pre-production:

Untitled Hockey Documentary - looking at a key part of Canada's love of the game and a key part of the myth-making that is Canada and hockey. Tentative winter 2015 production date.

Untitled Basketball Documentary - exploring a part of the game's history connecting Canada and the United States. Tentative 2015 production date.

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