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The Father of Hockey:

Three years in the making - this 90 minute, feature length documentary tells the little known story of how the city of Kingston lost the Hockey Hall of Fame to Toronto. Captain James Sutherland, a hockey pioneer, historian, and hockey innovator (among his many innovations - having the game played in three periods instead of two halfs) dreamed of creating a Cooperstown of hockey in his home town of Kingston, the place he believed to be hockey's birthplace. For a while it seemed his dream would come true.... then... things started to come apart.

Shot on location in Kingston Ontario, Toronto Ontario, and Cooperstown New York, The Father of Hockey is due for a 2014 release and is being distributed in Canada by eOne. It is produced in association with Factory Film Studios. The Father of Hockey features such hockey names as Don Cherry, Phil Pritchard, Kelly McParland, and Bill Fitsell. For more information visit www.fatherofhockey.ca


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