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At WJP Media our production history has a humble beginning. When we began in 2002 we didn't have a single camera and our editing was accomplished on a second-hand computer. We spent our first year renting equipment or borrowing on a per-shoot basis as we grew our production schedule. In 2003 our first idea was pitched, for a series called Forgotten Ontario, to a former colleague at a CBC affiliate outside of Toronto. He loaned a camera to shoot footage for a pilot. When the pilot was delivered, the former colleague was so pleased he bought the series of shorts up front for the total cost of a used camera, as a way to help get the series made. From here Forgotten Ontario was sold to a number of PBS affiliates and then TVO.

This early success helped launch other productions and documentaries. Many documentaries have since found homes on public television in the United States as well as broadcast and DVD homes in Canada. They have also garnered success at film festivals as well.

2012 marked the 10th anniversary of WJP media. 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of Forgotten Ontario. It also marked the completion of our latest and most ambitious production, a feature-length documentary, The Father of Hockey. It is slated for distribution in 2014. Two more documentaries are in production for 2014 and at least two more are in development for 2015-2016. Please check back often for updates or follow us on twitter or facebook for more up-to-the-minute news.


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